What'd You Have for Breakfast?

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“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”
– Adelle Davis (1904-1974)

We've all heard the old adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but I'd like to revise it. In the land of Chopped Liver, “breakfast is the most important anything of the day.” Breakfast can make or break your day. It effects your energy, your mood and how you think, act and feel. Your breakfast decides what you'll have for lunch and dinner. In short, you are what you eat for breakfast.

But only 44 percent of Americans eat breakfast every day. Half of all Americans spend more time planning their outfit than their breakfast and 27 percent spend less than a minute on it.

The ideal breakfast should gradually increase and decrease your blood sugar, which is the amount of glucose in your blood and your body's main source of energy. A breakfast high in carbs such as donuts and coffee or toast with jelly and juice causes the blood sugar to spike and then quickly fall, leaving you hungry and fatigued shortly after eating–which can lead to high sugar and caffeine consumption. A breakfast rich in protein, with some fat and carbohydrates is a perfect first meal. It's about finding a balance.

With breakfast being as important as it is for human health, surely it has some effect on an artist's creative output, right? We decided to fulfill our curiosity one morning and asked a handful of bands what they had just eaten for breakfast.

I'm currently in Gerardmer, France and we just finished eating a dinner that consisted of buttered noodles, beans and stingray. Wine and local Camembert for dessert. I can't really top that.

White Walls
Okay, so I'll be real… I didn't eat breakfast today, but on a regular Monday through Friday I have a toasted bialy bagel with Earth Balance, a chai tea with honey and almond milk, or whatever non-caffeinated tea they have iced at Iris.

Coffee. Black, no sugar. Usually from one of those new-fangled, pod-based coffee machines. My dad's trying to get me into whey protein isolates, but no go so far.

Guardian Alien
One and a half bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, coffee light and sweet, pomegranate juice.

TV Ghost
A crepe and a mimosa.

Horse Lords
Two pieces of Trader Joe's cinnamon raisin bread with Whole Foods peanut butter, a Safeway banana then topped it off with a Checker's banana milk shake. Thought maybe it was an Arby's morning but I had a Chipotle evening the night before and decided to save myself for the Panera/Border's meet-up l8tr on.

Spelling Bee
To subconsciously properly prepare for our forthcoming shitty tour diet and shitty sleep patterns, we haven't eaten anything before, like, noon the past couple of days. We did do breakfast on Thursday though, so I'm going to tell ya about that instead:

After feeding the fine people of Guerilla Toss, Fat History Month and Cave Bears a late-night, post-show feast of expired spicy ramen cups and stale cereal, I decided to prep the usual touring band bed and breakfast spread. Here's what we had:
– Coffee
– Brioche and blueberry french toast casserole with strawberry compote
– Cantaloupe
– Roasted 'tattoos with garlic, onion, jalapenos and possibly some blood… because clearly it's a good idea to dice potatoes at 3 a.m.
– Bacon… because bacon

Loud Objects
I had a Corned Beef sandwich that was about 8-10 inches high, with a 3-inch stack of french fries between the meat and what seemed to be cole slaw! It was one of those “I'll have what she's having” moments.