G.Green, “Brain Fuck”

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With Sacramento’s G. Green, you already know what you’re getting: the self-proclaimed “party punks” specialize in giving zero fucks at all times (eg. the band’s debut record, Crap Culture.) Though their reputation precedes them, the newly-formed quartet have been putting in the work, prepping for the release of their new LP, Area Codes.

A prime example? The sharp, poppy punk of excellent new tune “Brain Fuck”. Manic yet rhythmic, its spiky riff sticks to your brain tissue, initiating an instant buzz. You might know what you’re getting but it’s not going to disappoint.

G. Green also shared their unique philosophies and answered a few questions for Impose in addition to the black-and-white video for “Brain Fuck”.

Check those(plus east coast tour dates) below.  Area Codes is out August 13 on Mt.St.Mtn.

So, what does the “G” stand for?

Liz Liles: Whatever you want it to stand for.

Besides partying, what inspires your sound?

Not fitting in.

Can you describe the DIY community in Sacramento? Who are some other bands you enjoy playing with?

The DIY community is promising, despite what others may say. There’s this whole new wave of talented young kids straight up killing it in the songwriting game. Also the O.G. Sacto dudes are still ripping it hard as ever. Screature, Charles Albright, and any Scott Miller band.

How does Area Codes differ from Crap Culture? How was the process of making the new record?

There’s a completely different lineup, we actually know how to play our instruments now, and songs are much more diverse and complex. This record was an actual group effort compared to Andrew pretty much writing all of Crap Culture. Mike Morales (guitarist) and Simi Sohota (bass) brought a hell of a lot of talent and good ideas when they joined the band. We are a real band now with a solid lineup so every record will hopefully progress!

G. Green’s East Coast Tour Dates:
05 Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s w/ Winston Facials, Shitty Boots
06 Richmond, VA @ TBA w/ the Cales
07 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
08 Philadelphia, PA @ Bourbon & Branch w/ Meddlesome Bells, Drop Anchor, Andalusia
09 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s Alright w/ Shockwave Riderz, Places to Hide, Black Pony
11 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
12 Montreal, QC @ Escogriffe Cafe
13 Detroit, MI TBA
14 Chicago, IL @ the Burlington w/ the Man, Yeesh, Jollys
15 Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon St. w/ Cheater Slicks, Bugmen, the Down-Fi
16 Louisville, KY @ the Mackin Institute w/ Bad Star, The Spurts
17 Atlanta, GA @ the Earl w/ Dasher