Grimes declines Ice Bucket Challenge

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When it comes to being responsibly outspoken, Grimes has yet to falter in her convictions. We always look forward to a good Tumblr post from Canadian producer, be it self-criticism of her past use of hard drugs, statements addressing sexism in the music industry, or the adorable encouragement for their to be cuddly animals and no bottled water in her green room. Claire Boucher has no compromise clause to her morals.

Social media is a house divided when it comes to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Call outs continue to be issued and armchair critics continue to rear their heads to suggest alternatives, like simply donating without a gimmick. The problem with armchair critics is they’re mostly contrarian for the sake of it, rather than possessing of a pre-existing stance that has come into conflict with the craze. Enter Grimes.

After being challenged by DJ Ritchie Hawtin, Grimes took to Tumblr to respectfully decline the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, citing the California drought (she was in Los Angeles for FYF at the time) and the ALS foundation’s history of animal testing in the name of research. She’s not the only celebrity to decline, nor the only person to do so due to animal testing (she’s in the company of Pamela Anderson), and instead elected to donate to Malala fund, stating
“because education is the key to ending almost every issue that faces humanity and our world today.”

Grimes full post is below:

Haha okay, richie is probably the nicest and coolest person I’ve ever met so i can’t really refuse him. however, I would like to say that I don’t feel great about wasting water in this california drought, but i will donate money. However I will not donate money to this foundation because of their record of testing on animals, but I will donate money to the Malala fund because education is the key to ending almost every issue that faces humanity and our world today. yep yep! do i have to make a video to nominate other people? if so I’ll do that later, but in the mean time Im calling out Detroit madness, Hana pestle and Blood diamonds

Donate to the ALS Foundation here and the Malala fund here.