Mega Bog “Year of Patience”

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Erin Birgy has been quietly putting out release after release of soft-spoken pop music under the Mega Bog moniker for the past few years, and it’s not until now that she is releasing Mega Bog’s proper debut album, Gone Banana. With the announcement that the album will be released on Couple Skate Records comes its first single, “Year of Patience”.

This is bona fide soft rock, falling somewhere between the jazz cheese of Destroyer’s Kaputt and the bouncy jangle of Girls’ Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The track finds the Seattle-based singer/songwriter joined by a full cast of musicians, rounding out the sound while maintaining the charm of her earlier releases–the guitars flaunt jazz chords as the bass picks along to the simple progression. But it’s Birgy’s dreamy delivery that steals attention, as she balances the ostensibly goofy saxophone with serious melodies and lyrics: “This has been my year of patience/And when you tried me, my patience went gray.” Despite this lyric, “Year of Patience” ends a fun and upbeat song, a promising preview of the album to come.

Gone Banana is set for release on September 23 via Couple Skate Records.