milo, “you are go(o)d to me”

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Ever the introspective type, milo debuted the first single from A Toothpaste Suburb, a cleverly-titled track called “you are go(o)d to me”. Written with a someone in mind, the song finds milo as we’ve come to know him, destructively witty and at wits with the melancholy it yields.

Possibly an understated element to his body of work, milo has a particular knack for metastasizing his companionships, from origin to failure, and then like a trained physician, pinpointing the source of the cancerous growths. It’s in his nature to introspect and purge his personal life on record, it’s why we listen. But “you are go(o)d to me” is like his Scallops Hotel track “secure as 2 bobbypins (dookie)” in that it derives from a place of remorse, rather than the honeymoon phase of “besos” off the Cavalcade mixtape. Produced by Tastenothing, “you are go(o)d to me” is a lullaby of percussive crackles and pops beneath soft, ethereal keys that keeps the texture somber so that milo never has to raise his voice to tell us he mumbles like he’s Tunechi.

milo’s A Toothpaste Suburb is out September 23 on Hellfyre Club.