Dead Gaze's epically titled, freshly melted tracks

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dead gaze

I pickup the faintest sliver of “Age of Consent” seeping from a 3rd story window, and it's there, in my brain, in the tapping of my foot, in my mouthing of the lyrics at the Key Food checkout. I know those moves – a middle-register bass line here, some synthesizers and drum machines there – and I acknowledge they've been successfully absorbed into the rock playbook.

Now, take a hairdryer, melt that sound, throw it in a muddy creek, jump in with it, and you get Dead Gaze. The melancholy things-unsaid lyrics combined with the perfect amount of influence from a heatwarped copy of Power, Corruption & Lies, and we have two new songs from the Oxford, MS-based homebros (soon to be released as a single on Denver's Fire Talk label). Unlike all the bands who try so hard to emulate a sound they've heard before, Dead Gaze does it with such a haunting happy-sad genuiness, it has the appeal that some songs aren't written, just born. Real talk, it wouldn't be too surprising if these guys had never even heard of New Order.

Dead Gaze, “Take Me Home Or I Die Alone”

Dead Gaze, “Emmanuel Can't Come Close Enough”