2011 officially dubbed the Vivian Girls' Year to Shine

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I've spent the last few years telling people that “oh yeah, I like the couple of songs by Vivian Girls that I've heard,” but then I'd quickly change the subject because I didn't want to admit that I actually hadn't listened to that many of their recorded songs, since I'd seen them well over a dozen times live.

That's really no slight on the band, because if you live in Brooklyn, you might remember a point a few years ago where you'd walk into your local Burger King and Vivian Girls were playing on top of the counter as you ordered your Whopper with extra tomatoes. You'd go to your local methadone clinic, and Kings County's favorite three-piece were playing to all the addicts. You probably also recall nights as you dozed off into slumberland (the state of, not the record label) the bassist, guitar player, and whoever was playing drums for them at the time, were playing outside your window.

It was fair to make the assumption that the band was actually omnipotent, and had the ability to play anywhere at anytime they pleased. So please forgive me if I took that for granted and didn't pay much attention to their albums.

That's all in the past now, because 2011 is the year I finally get on the bandwagon because of three reasons:

1. Katy Goodman's La Sera album is insanely beautiful. It's worth every bit of hype it's getting, and is the main reason for the recent change of mind.

2. On their latest album, Share the Joy, not only do they have two songs over six minutes, but Cassie Ramone actually becomes the female Calvin Johnson on the song “Sixteen Ways.”

The record comes out today on Polyvinyl, and I'd love to tell you it's their most fully realized work, but I have so little to compare it to that I'd be lying to you by saying that. Instead I'll tell you that I'm heavily considering going out and buying all of the previous records the band has put out, because I've obviously been missing out on something.

3. Cassie Ramone has a verified Twitter account. How she got that, I don't know, but my life is controlled by social media, so I'm going to go ahead and guess she is famous.

The moral of this tale: you could be a really fucking great band for several years, but until your lead singer gets the little blue check on their Twitter account, I might not listen.


Two of the three band members are verified. I am just now finding this out.