99¢ Dream's effortless avant hip ho- hey come back

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I would have written a post about this band if only for track titles that may be esoterically abbreviated but are more likely the result of hitting your hands against the keyboard at raweiuh. Enjoy standout tracks “int/aadfg”, “rdbmp”, “lm”, “cby”, you get it.

Though easily on the “jazz” side of things, we'd also write about these guys for not being really cheesy, considering the many beached and ruined vessel they pass as they float effortlessly down this particular avant jazz meets instrumental hip hop creek, which can get pretty narrow.

Luckily these guys threw the map overboard and seem to know the depth chart by heart: Never too frantically wading on the avant side, and very conscious of where shit gets too shallow, boom bap stupid.

It's a journey too. This album, 2010, is over an hour long. Screw your head on sideways before you put the headphones over it. More at their website.

99¢ Dreams, “lm”

99¢ Dreams, “int/aadfg”

99¢ Dreams, “qn/ot”