A Dead Forest Index, “No Paths”

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Fraternal duo Adam and Sam Sherry make choral, mournful, almost hymnal folk-inflected rock music with spare, often minor-key instrumentation (Adam plays guitar, Sam plays drums and piano) that allows their thick vocal harmonies to clot at the center of their compositions. Jehnny Beth from Savages is a fan, having put out one of their EPs on her Pop Noire label last year; the group also collaborated with Savages and choreographer Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome at the Barbican Centre last year on an experimental live event called “Station to Station”. “No Paths” is the lead single from A Dead Forest Index’s debut album, All That Drifts From Summit Down, and it’s an excellent introduction to the duo’s sound. The song barely moves in terms of instrumentation and tempo, but the brothers’ vocals twist and intertwine and swell and pull back in a manner that feels organic and is chill-inducing.

All That Drifts From Summit Down will be available April 29 on Sargent House. You can stream to “No Paths” below.