AceMoMa – ‘A New Dawn’

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

NYC electronic duo’s new album is a thrilling mix of house, techno, drum n’ bass & jungle

Last year, NYC producers AceMo and MoMa Ready teamed up under the moniker AceMoMa and dropped an amazing self-titled EP together. It was a propulsive, glitchy, high-octane affair pulling from various styles of house and IDM. Since then the two have been busy dropping material via both their shared and personal Bandcamp accounts, and all of it has been great.

Keeping that creative hot streak going, the duo has now released their first full-length album under the AceMoMa name, the wildly inventive and diverse A New Dawn. Over the course of 1 hour 8 minutes, the album fires on all cylinders, throwing jungle, drum n’ bass, house, techno and even a pinch of footwork into a blender. It’s a nervy, rapid-fire experience from start-to-finish. Frenetic tracks like “Distrupt The System” and “Distant Peak” feel like they’re forever teetering on the edge. The propulsive industrial-house of “Rubber Band Man” contains all the slithery sonic elasticity that its title suggests. Then you’ve got the neon-synth-drenched lead single/title track, which just unfurls endlessly in gorgeous, meditative ways. Overall, it’s another show-stopping techno-rave journey from AceMoMa.

A New Dawn is out now on MoMa Ready’s HAUS of ALTR label. You can purchase the album HERE and sample it below.