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Best Picture – “Radio Sick” (feat. Deem Spencer)

L.A. production duo teams up with Queens rapper on hypnotic new single

The Cure’s Pasadena Daydream: A Die-Hard’s Fantasy Come True

L.A. festival to celebrate 40-plus year legacy of one of the greatest bands ever

Nina Keith – “New Skin 16 Mirror Dream”

Experimental composer shares another stunning taste of her forthcoming debut LP

Wild Wild Wets – “The Fix” video

San Diego psych band’s new video pays homage to Mexico

Josh Childress – “Think.”

Emerging singer-songwriter crafts futuristic art-pop magic

PREMIERE: Spencer Yenson & The Fever – “Buzzards”

San Diego rock marauder lets loose on fiery, groovy new jam

Winnebago Vacation – “Break Down”

New York goth-folk act shares latest single off debut LP

Pretend Collective – “Higher Than A Flying Cloud Castle Made of White Light”

NYC psych band delivers on new track off their upcoming debut LP

Slow Hollows – “Come Back In”

L.A. indie act shares enthralling new single & video

The Murder Capital – “Don’t Cling To Life”

Dublin post-punk band ponder death on propulsive new single

4kMicheal – “Life Story”

Baltimore rapper has a bright future ahead of him

Teen Body – “Act Yr Age”

Brooklyn dream-pop band go medieval in stunning new video

Deaf Club – “Bright Side of Death”

Hardcore supergroup unleash anguished glory on pummeling new track

Lingua Ignota – “Do You Doubt Me Traitor”

Blood-curdling screams and shredding dissonance collide on metal auteur’s latest masterpiece

Magdalena Bay – “Mine”

L.A. pop duo continue their dazzling winning streak

String Machine – “Eight Legged Dog”

Pittsburgh experimental folk outfit deliver chilly, poignant moods on new single & video

Tracy Bryant – “Nightmare”

L.A. garage-pop auteur portrays our harsh reality on hypnotic new single

PREMIERE: Drug Hunt – “The Tower”

San Diego psych act embarks ominous sonic journey

Triptides – “Nirvana Now”

L.A. psych-rockers return with bold, hazy new song & vid


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