Dorvin Borman – “Stop Wasting Time”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Dream pop meets lo-fi house on the NYC musician’s mesmerizing new single

The dream pop to lo-fi house pipeline is alive and well these days, as exemplified by the incredible new single from Dorvin Borman. After releasing a string of dreamy, hazy singles between 2018 and 2021, the now-NYC-based musician took a bit of a hiatus from music, but today he’s back with the hypnotic jam “Stop Wasting Time.”

The song is a bit of a stylistic shift for Dorvin – a mid-tempo electronic-driven track featuring pulsating 4×4 dance beats and glistening synths. But it also retains the nostalgic, pensive energy of his earlier singles, thanks to his signature reverb-laced guitar riffage, thick basslines, and soothing vocals. “Stop Wasting Time” ebbs and flows in mesmerizing ways, toggling between calming rhythmic verses and spellbinding dance grooves with ease. It’s one of his most sonically adventurous releases to date.

You can give the track a spin below: