Scowl – Psychic Dance Routine

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Santa Cruz band blends alt rock and hardcore on fantastic new EP

Santa Cruz rising stars Scowl have made plenty of waves in the hardcore scene the last couple years, and with each new release, they continue to expand their sonic palette. Recent singles “Psychic Dance Routine,” “Shot Down” and “Opening Night” captured more of a ’90s grunge/alt rock vibe, in addition to their crusted, snarling hardcore impulses. The band’s latest EP Psychic Dance Routine drops today via Flatspot Records; with it, Scowl keeps on leveling up as they blend all of these stylistic sensibilities to perfection.

Along with previously released tracks, Psychic Dance Routine unleashes more larynx-shattering vocals from singer Kat Moss on DIY punk rippers “Wired” and “Sold Out.” Overall, the album captures every facet of the band, as Moss oscillates between her singing voice and her screaming voice with fiery aplomb. The faster hardcore moments segue brilliantly into simmering grunge riffage. It’s an excellent distillation of where Scowl’s sound is right now and where it can continue to evolve. It’s an album that will earn them a throng of new fans, especially as they look ahead to performances at Coachella next week.

You can order Psychic Dance Routine HERE and stream it below: