Somme – “Mandy”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising San Diego musician shares breathtaking indie rock stunner

Somme is an up-and-coming San Diego artist who crafts poignant indie rock sounds with a confessional lyrical touch. So far she’s released a handful of terrific singles, including the buoyant, synth-tinged indie pop stunner “Racecar,” which dropped earlier this summer and was co-produced with San Diego legend and Impose fave Jordan Krimston.

Now Somme is back with another new single, the swelling rock ballad “Mandy,” which Krimston also helped produce. The track opens with melodic acoustic riffs, as her gorgeous voice touches on motifs of hope and longing for someone, with plenty of emotional turbulence. The sounds ebb, flow, and snowball, peaking with a climactic chorus that focuses the relationship front and center: “Mandy’s got a hold on me/ Everyday I hope I see her/ Driving past me on the street/ No U-turn in front of me.”

It’s a tremendous single, and we’ll absolutely be keeping tabs on her music going forward. You can listen to the track and check out the lyric video, directed by Bia Jurema, below: