Astral Bakers – “Shelter”

French indie quartet levels up with latest single off forthcoming debut album

Astral Bakers‘ “Shelter,” the second single from their eagerly anticipated debut album slated for early 2024, is a musical revelation that effortlessly blends simplicity and introspection. This track showcases the remarkable talents of a quartet of seasoned musicians, each boasting more than a decade of professional experience.

Astral Bakers have masterfully crafted a sound that defies easy categorization, touching upon elements of acoustic rock and soft grunge. Their influences range from the likes of Big Thief to Supertramp, occasionally hinting at the unplugged allure of a Nirvana performance.

Yet, what truly sets this band apart is their unwavering commitment to the essence of music -the art of being present. In a world where demos and production complexities often overshadow authenticity, Astral Bakers have returned to their core. The synergy between Sage and Nicolas on guitars, Theodora’s pulsating bass, and Zoé’s enveloping drums forms an exquisite backdrop for soulful vocals that are both confident and warmly imperfect.

Speaking on the new single, the French indie outfit explained:

“Shelter is a song that we composed and recorded pretty fast. We were working on other tracks at the studio and found the main riff during a break. Then everything came up very smoothly, almost effortlessly, as if we already knew the song. Ambroise went back home and the morning after he told us : I wrote some lyrics, I think it’s going to match. And that was it.

It’s a song about seeing your own life from a new perspective. It’s becoming aware of the chance you have when you thought everything was going wrong or when your life doesn’t turn up as you would have expected. It’s finding a shelter in the arms of the one you love and try to make things as good as they can be : if we’re together for eternity, let’s turn the heavens into a party.”

Give Astral Bakers’ “Shelter” a spin below: