Actress drops a load

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Here's the score. Actress is ripping shit up lately with sexualized Laurel Halo remixes and a handful of loose ends tossed onto his Twitter page that probably were picked up from the cutting room floor of Ghettoville, his new album for Werk Discs. Rather than make you work for all these tasty morsels, we've got links to everything we could find that's fallen from Actress' tree. Laurel Halo's Antenna was at the top of our June 2011 list, but our impression of “Constant Index” never gave the impression she was out to make us purr. In fact, we're still not sure how Actress tuned into the prurient side of “Constant Index”, but we'll allow it.

We owe a little help from FACT on compiling.

Actress, “M.A.D. Stereo”

Actress, “My Weed Strong Blud”

Actress, “C.L.A.W.”

Actress, “Parallel World”

Actress, “Murder Plaza”

Actress, “Metal Tiger”