A.Dd+ put Dallas back on the map

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A.Dd+ earned local bragging rights in Dallas as nominees for “Best Rap Act” by the Dallas Observer, but do not jump to politrickin' conclusions, the winners (Dem Southernfolkz) are suitable receivers of the title.

But are Dem Southernfolkz getting love from the Fresh Daily blog? Not today. A.Dd+ is comprised of Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy. Together the duo find a delicate recipe of Southern-fried Native Tongues flavors with some Pharcyde spice, but the group is aware of its references; you can overhear one of the members crack a joke about sounding like A Tribe Called Quest at the end of “Greedy”.

It's mostly the Blue Note sampling of those train ride keys on “Greedy” that truly harks back to Tribe vibes, but the “hello, hello, hello, hello” intro is very LabCabinCalifornia, and the vocals on the bridge sound like Andre Triple Stacks' vision of a pretty picnic panning out without a single menacing cloud. Ain't nothing to be mad about, as A.Dd+ are clearly fans of all the best hip hop has ever offered and willing to let it shine through.

The duo's When Pigs Fly album is produced by Picnic Tyme of Erykah Badu's Cannabinoids crew.

A.Dd+'s When Pigs Fly is available for free download on March 28 at A.Dd+'s website.

A.Dd+, “Greedy” (feat. Mz Fortune)

A.Dd+, “Slow Tempo”