Aesop throws another one on the table in August

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After nearly three years of film scores and workout tracks, it's time for an LP. Enter None Shall Pass (or maybe don't), out August 28th on Def Jux. Blockhead handles production again, with appearances from Cage, Breeze Brewin, El-P, Rob Sonic and… what's that plaintive bah-ing?

Sure high brow culture might label John Darnielle “America’s best non-hip-hop lyricist,” but Aesop's ready to toss the Mountain Goats crooner on the last track of his album? Curious for the folk hop mash-up that will presumably occur.

01 Keep Off the Lawn
02 None Shall Pass
03 Catacomb Kids
04 Bring Back Pluto
05 Fumes
06 Getaway Car (ft. Cage and Breeze Brewin)
07 39 Thieves
08 The Harbor is Yours
09 Citronella
10 Gun for the Whole Family (ft. El-P)
11 Five Fingers
12 No City
13 Dark Heart News (ft. Rob Sonic)
14 Coffee (ft. John Darnielle)