Afro Classics prove their fanaticism

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Back in March the rappity rap duo of Living Legend member Scarub and Very known as Afro Classics released The Classics EP and we had no idea. One listen to “Boom In It” has me on path down memory lane. The chorus is lifted from my favorite cheer routine by the cheerleaders at my high school.

“Hold up, wait a minute, put a little boom in it!”

It would have been too much if they included my favorite part, mimicking the hands on the clock counting down as you cheer, “tick, tick, tick, tick, Boom! Dynamite!” No, I was not a cheerleader, but my pubescent self definitely took notice to their habits.

Luckily, we received the leak on Classic Rock, Afro Classics first full length since its 2001 self-titled debut. With dizzying plastic bucket drums and a chopped symphony sample as the foundation, Scarub and Very prove themselves as phenomenal rhyme mechanics.

Afro Classics, “Rap Fanatic”

Classic Rock is out October 6 on NatAural High Records