Alaskas is from Seattle

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We saw this Alaskas guy before when he appeared on Universal Studio Florida's widely-approved Ocean Sunbirds. It'd be hard not to throw in a Palin jab re: his name (maybe “Alaskas” is her spelling?), but let's focus on more important things. We called his cameos on USF's album “howling like Panda Bear in a grotto,” and we're sticking with it. On his album Set Yourself Free, you can basically see Dillon James Dego (as he is called by his mother and friends) screaming in a basement somewhere, pissing off neighbors and doing more to use his voice as a sonic weapon as a sonic salve. That, and the three-note guitar riff on “Pronoun” smells like the tropics under a scalpel as much as Abe Vigoda's first album did.

Alaskas, “Pronoun”

Alaskas, “Unshackled”

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