Aldous RH, “Cold Loners Mix”

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This Friday is for the sultry and sulky folk looking out their window to gray skies. Manchester’s Aldous RH understands the plight from Vitamin D deficiency.

Sultry and sulky are signifiers within Aldous RH’s own experimental pop work, particularly on The Sky Dyvydes EP and it dates back to his 2012 album, The Dog Album. For the “Cold Loners Mix”, he helps us track the lineage to his sound, which can be found in the Back To The Egg-era Wings song “Arrow Through Me”, the symphonic and dreary r&b of The Chi Lites and George Duke, and even his inner circle of friends in Sad Eyes and Don Dicarpio.

Aldous RH explains his inspiration for “Cold Loners Mix”:

This mix is some of my favourite sultry music, I think they’re great songs to listen to when you’re tryina stay warm in doors, not hanging out with people too much, being a little bit introspective, and cabin feverish.

There’s an unreleased track of mine on there, some great sulky stuff from my friends Sad Eyes and Don Dicaprio, some incredible oldie ballads of longing and heartache, plus a couple instrumental bits that really remind me of cold winters.

“Cold Loners Mix” Tracklisting:
01 Moving Sidewalks, “You Don’t Know The Life”
02 Paul McCartney, “Arrow Through Me”
03 George Duke, “Faces In Reflection”
04 The Chi Lites, “Someone Else’s Arms”
05 Todd Rundgren, “Say No More”
06 Sad Eyes, “Raindrops”
07 Robinson/Fothergill, “JameSanWaruu”
08 Irma Vep, “Settle Down”
09 Homeshake, “I Don’t Play”
10 Don Dicaprio, “well im so frezin”
11 Woo, “It’s Love”
12 Aldous RH, “I’ve become 2 need you (demo)”
13 Rotary Connection, “Didn’t Want To Have To Do It”

Aldous RH’s The Sky Dyvydes EP is available on TAR and more music can be found on his Bandcamp.