Ana Lola Roman, Com Truise, and YrFriendMatthew walk into a bar…

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Ana Lola Roman Com Truise Klutch Remix

YrFriendMatthew and our friend Ana Lola Roman (Matt's our friend too) have been collaborating for what seems like forever on this video for Roman's “15 Minute God”. That's not a knock to either of them, we know true genius takes time, but as I was saying to Matt while he photographed our recent hi-jinx, I was getting a tad frustrated seeing all the updates and stills being shared on their Facebook walls. Enough teasing already, I want to see it!

Then came monday and BAM! Here it is. I'm not going to take full credit for it finally coming out, after all, it's making the rounds in Europe, but you can thank me for at least being an annoying friend.

Coincidentally, as I was checking out Ana's page, I came across a Com Truise remix of her track “Klutch”. I totally missed the boat on this one, as it seems to have come out sometime in spring, which appears to be the time their internet music love started blossoming. Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised to see these two on a tour together.

To one of the hardest women in music, I say congrats.