Deastro, Orange Swimmer Red Summer

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Summer began with a free Deastro EP and summer inches to a close with yet another free Deastro EP. Orange Swimmer Red Summer is nine glowing intergalatic glam songs approved for theft. Where does this man find time to record, what with his constant touring of the Galaxy? Here's hoping he drops another freebie in the fall before his tour dates in Gula Mons and The Outermost Epsilon Ring.

Deastro, “Shield Whip”

Deastro, “Seven Fell From The Firmament”

Deastro, “Red Summer”

We're ready to hear Deastro-produced hip hop records and remixes after putting “Red Summer” on heavy rotation! Make your jack moves at Deastro's blog or from the link provided below.

Download: Deastro, Orange Swimmer Red Summer