Approved Theft: Prof & St. Paul Slim, Recession Music

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Twin Cities collective Stophouse wins our ears and pockets approval with a free album

Stophouse consists of Twin Cities rappers Prof and St. Paul Slim, who you might remember from “Crewed Up” onAtmosphere's Strictly Leakage Mixtape.

The duo, along with a gang of producers, is making some serious boom bap headway in a city already dedicated to two major crews in Rhymesayers and Doomtree. Stophouse is smart. You can't beat them, so have them join you.

Recession Music is executively produced by ANT of Atmosphere and features appearances by Slug, P.O.S. and Yelawolf.

Prof & St. Paul Slim, “Everybody Down”

Prof & St. Paul Slim, “Demons (Remix)”

Download: Recession Music