Asher Roth addresses the haters

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To anyone that ever made white or gay jokes about the great white hype surrounding Asher Roth, he's got 32 bars of venom comparable to a more refined version of Shaq freestyling “show me how my ass taste.”

I only needed to hear “I Love College” to dismiss Asher Roth as flavor of the month and thank my lucky stars I am out of college. He was that rapper that if named in conversation as “rad” or “awesome,” immediately discredited the person's opinion on music. But, with any sort of shit talking, some times you end up swallowing a little.

Asher Roth's new mixtape Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince and Cranberry opens with “Muddy Swim Trunks,” which borrows (or is served by, as labeled on the backside cover) Madlib's “Answers” beat from the Lootpack record. I have always been a sucker for this beat, the Lee Mason sample is one of my favorite funky loops of all-time. To hear Asher Roth black out over that beat with lines like “ain't no need to get defensive like Arenas for the Jets / or Arenas when he bets” and “I'm too wild trying to take it on back to '96 / Illadelph HalfLife, All Eyez had been mixed / Beats, Rhymes and Life, Stakes Is High shit / It Was Written in the scriptures that ATLiens exist / by Iron Man and Dr. Octogonecologyst.” In case you no comprendo, all those records were released in 1996 – quite an underrated year to reference.

So today, I conceded to post about Asher Roth. He earned it by rolling out of the bread isle, bowling a strike with a watermelon and showing some Asian breasts in his “Muddy Swim Trunks” video (NSFW).

Asher Roth – Muddy Swim Trunks (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Download Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince and Cranberry here.