Astral Bakers – “Beautiful Everything”

French indie band serves up searing new single off upcoming LP

“Beautiful Everything” – As a prelude to their eagerly awaited album, The Whole Story, this release signifies a defining chapter for the seasoned French indie band Astral Bakers. Reflecting inevitability, the band’s brand of acoustic rock – imbued with subtle grunge elements – draws parallels to Big Thief, Supertramp, and an intimate Nirvana performance. However, the true essence of their music transcends labels, rooted in elemental authenticity.

Comprising Sage, Theodora, Nico Lockhart, and Zoé Hochberg, Astral Bakers’ decade-long collaboration – featuring past work with luminaries like Woodkid and Grammy winners Clara Luciani and Pomme, underscore – their mastery in both studio and live settings. “Beautiful Everything” reveals infectious melodies, uplifting progressions, and poignant lead guitar, concealing a melancholic undercurrent beneath a buoyant exterior. From the diverse influences showcased in “Shelter” to the indie-folk exploration in “Why,” the album’s culmination in The Whole Story encapsulates dynamic guitars, intricate vocals, and vibrant drums. Rejecting complexity, the band embraces simplicity, mirroring their elemental quest for purity and friendship.

Astral Bakers’ journey, rooted in Parisian venues like Le Consulat, has led to a rebirth as elemental forces. As they prepare for a headline show in Paris and an international gig at Eurosonic, you can give “Beautiful Everything” a spin below: