Aunt Dracula headed off deep-end of pop collage

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We first stumbled on Aunt Dracula last year and were immediately drawn to what we heard as distant relatives of Paw Tracks family types, but with these new tracks (from their upcoming album Face Peel) their operatic, genre-bending tendencies are more pronounced, particularly in the nine-minute plus “Timecoat”, which starts in some sort of alterior cool jazz universe that recieved a copy of Smile but after about five minutes of build up heads towards this metally hardcore breakdown and finally settles on the melody from Billy Joel's “You May Be Right”. (It's there, starting at 6:05.)

Though we first learned of the band as Philadelphia-based and added their quirky form of pop schizophrenia to a list that includes Hermit Thrushes, Man Man, and A Sunny Day in Glasgow, dudes in Dracula are headed to Los Angeles in August.

Aunt Dracula, “Timecoat”

Aunt Dracula, “Evo Tito”