Babe, Terror travels north for the winter

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Unlike the Havaí EP, the dance music Babe, Terror dropped last October that fit right in with chillwave's big summer/fall 2010 frost, this new collection is a seasonal reflection on even colder, far less-structured textures and emotional valences.

Babe, Terror is affiliated with the Perdizes Dream collective down in São Paulo, Brazil, but he recorded the original material for Preparing a Voice to Meet the People Coming far north on a trip, in Delaware, of all places. And not just a quick drive-by of the Dover skyline via I-95. 12 days, he stayed alone in a house while his friend made a business trip to New York. He learned his friend's pedals, drank a bunch of beer, stared at the alien snow, and this is what came of it:

Someone's got lasers for fingers, because the first ten orders for the CD version of this release are hand-made. (Or maybe the art is.) Inquire within.

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