Baby Jazz, “Song For The Season”

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Baby Jazz

Remember Sam from Sunglasses side project with his Brooklyn homie called Baby Jazz? No? Well, you should pay better attention and also join the bandwagon with this bitchin' holy holiday jam.

What up to all my grinches out there who can't stand Christmas music being pumped out of every department store, bank lobby, restaurant and laundry mat in cities nationwide. If you're like me, this is the most sonically nauseating time of the year and sometimes even a vat of egg nog couldn't remedy the white Christmas noise. Baby Jazz managed to make me dislike Christmas music a little less with its “Song for the Season” jam.

The duo's latest experiment drops in like they sampled a malfunctioning Speak-N-Spell over some ?uestlove drums. No X-mas jam would be complete without hella sleigh bells (the jinglin' kind, not the trending-punk sort) and Baby Jazz is down to rock the bells. “Song for the Season” is like the better tracks on James Brown's Funky Christmas, it transcends the holiday genre by appealing to our full-time interest in funky drumming that makes us get on the good foot to do the bad thing, even if it means fewer presents from Santa's bitch-ass.

Baby Jazz, “Song for the Season”