Belle Mare, “Feel You Against My Heart”

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We thank our lucky stars – having been exposed to the gloriousness that is Belle Mare – that songwriters Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone chose to collaborate under the aforementioned moniker. Their debut full-length album – recorded over the better part of two years – is set to release in September, and we’ve got the premiere of their latest single “Feel You Against My Heart”.

A light synth sound floods your ears as soon as you press “play”. Amelia’s unique, robust vocals are added in to the mix, almost as if she is singing from far away. She is then brought into your sound space – almost closer – singing to the object of her affection about going where they are. She is clearly infatuated, and her wide range of vocals deliver the lyrics in an emotional array of sound. The whirlwind of music is almost too much to focus on at once, closing out with percussion that leaves you feeling empowered, to say the least.

When asked to elaborate on the track, the band simply said, “This song is about eagerly chasing a taboo indulgence – a theme that runs through a couple of songs on the new album.”

Heaven Forget is out September 30th.