Bermuda Triangle's live EP

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Bermuda Triangles, Liv Live Luv EP

Hearing some Vas Deferens tangents on the scatter-brained “Drink More Boobs”, one of the tracks off Liv Live Luv, a freshly blogged live EP from Richmond's Bermuda Triangles.

Also: Drum excursions (“In the Nick of Thyme”). And apocalypse right then and there at the stroke of the first unidentified, volatile sonic object detonating and sending the world into a brain-craving massacre (“Cannibel Planet”). But check out the “EZ Listening” tracks, recorded at a house show where the Triangles were forced to quiet down after cop visit number one. It shows off the sensitive side of the band, for sure, and the tenable song chops simmering below their chaos. (Also, whistle solos.)

Liv Live Luv EP
01 Cannibal Planet
02 Reptilian Intervention (EZ Listening Version)
03 Drink More Boobs
04 Riddles In The Sand (EZ Listening Version)
05 In The Nic Of Thyme

Download the whole thing here.