Big Pooh, "Seinfeld (Go Up)"

Post Author: Andre G

Little Brother’s disbandment is high atop the list of disheartening hip-hop moments. The group was famously deemed “too smart” for BET, and last night Big Pooh offered music from a time period where he was in fact thinking too much for his own good. He took us back to the 2010 heyday of Little Brother with “Seinfeld (Go Up ),” a three-part narrative featuring Phonte’s vocals on the hook.
The majestic Swiff D-produced track was set to be the lead single for Pooh’s Dirty Little Things album, but, as he noted in a lengthy Instagram post, “pride and ego” got the best of him as he didn’t want Phonte – who he wasn’t speaking with at the time – to get any credit for the song. Coming in at just 2 minutes, the unmixed, unmastered track gives three quick glimpses of stories that “didn’t necessarily have to start at episode one, but all the episodes made sense in the grand scheme of the [Seinfeld] show,” as Pooh said.
You can stream the song and see Pooh’s explanation below:

I heard @swiffd work for the first time when I got put up on Pac Div. I became a fan instantly. I reached out and got some joints from him because I like to work with dope, upcoming, talented, and just cool ass people. It’s 2010 and I start really finding where I want to go sound wise for my next album and began penning to Swiff D joints. I knocked this one out quick, three short verses telling three separate stories. I needed a hook to make it all make sense, hence the title. It reminded me of the show Seinfeld, didn’t necessarily have to start at episode one but all the episodes made sense in the grand scheme of the show. I hit @phontigallo for assistance. A couple of weeks go by and he shoots it back to me. I can’t stop playing this joint. I was doing solo shows and performing this joint, I just knew it was going to be the first single off of Dirty Pretty Things. I wanted people to get a sneak peak and be ready for when it did drop officially. The top of 2011 came and shit changed in a hurry. Little Brother is officially over and me and Tay not even on speaking terms. I put the blinders on and focused on finishing up my album. A few months go by and I get to the point of narrowing down what I have and what I plan to keep before the start of mixing. I come across this joint. Tay and I still aren’t speaking but, he gave me his blessing to still put the joint out with him on it. My ego and pride take over. I didn’t want people to say this joint was the best joint on the album because Tay was on it so I leave it on the cutting room floor. Album drops, my hard drive with this session on it crashes, and I begin my run of doing one producer projects. Seven years has passed, Tay and I back rocking, and I never recovered the contents of that particular hard drive (I’m still pissed about that). So here it is, in its unmixed, unmastered, unreleased form…”Seinfeld (Go Up)” feat Phonte. Produced by Swiff D. Link in bio. #unmixed #unmastered #unreleased #oldworkwednesday #seinfeld #noLittleBrothernotback #yallgonnafloodmymentionsanyway #thisaintnoreunionbih

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