Bird & Byron – “Life Is A Bore”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

A soulful new gem from the Colombus indie rock duo

Raised on a diet of blues and soul music, Ohio-natives Blake Bergere and Nick Lorenz have started their musical journey in 2020 through one of the most difficult times in living memory. Named after a combination of childhood nicknames and childhood idols, they’ve known each other since they were little, but have only recently started writing songs together. It’s a collaboration that’s filled with nuance and a professional sheen that seems like they’ve been working together for years. 

Their new single “Life Is A Bore” showcases and exposes the uncertainty and frustration felt by the world throughout this crisis. In a much welcomed juxtaposition, the production and songwriting has an undeniably upbeat and jovial feel. More feel-good indie than moody dystopian-lockdown haze. The lyrics profess the innermost feelings of the average person, living through the daily grind in 2020 with a spirited indie-rock backdrop.

“The release was intended to provide some form of escape during these crazy and uncertain times,” they shared. “Many people that we know personally have been looking for some sort of way to distract themselves from the daunting pictures and stats that are seen on live tv. The song itself serves as an anthem to how crazy life is right now. With all the restrictions that we now face, it’s hard to find any sense of freedom, and we wanted to amplify those frustrations. Every now and then, you may just want to run away from everything and forget it all. If that’s the case, this is your song.”

Give it a spin below: