Birthdays' Hawaiian Punch Wave cassette

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Birthdays, Hawaiian Punch Wave. Art by Karen Aragon.

Call them masochists but sources have it that Impose Records was pleased as a direct smack in the face to call Birthdays' Hawaiian Punch Wave the second in their baby tape series.

We are very pleased over here at Impose Magazine too.

To celebrate, join in listening to my personal favorite off the album, “Procreating Flower Bug”, that bursts open from its gooey beating center into a joyous party jam.

Birthdays, “Procreating Flower Bug”

Birthdays, “Software”

Pre-order the tape here.

Birthdays, Hawaiian Punch Wave track list
01 Software
02 Naked Indian Bones
03 Procreating Flower Bug
04 Hawaiian Punch Wave
05 Blood Clothes