Black Brick, “Little Atlas”

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black brick

Black Brick, who recently relocated to Philadelphia, makes music that the city of brotherly love is the perfect backdrop for. There is a sure California surf-and-sand vibe that glows unremittently on the track, but it comes with a sunniness that feels distinctly Northeastern, something that you can enjoy while lounging on a crisp fall day in Rittenhouse Square or beyond. The midsong breakdown into elemental psychy jazz fusion bass is overwhelming in its bliss, and it reminds of another Philly staple (though defunct), Arches. It's dreampop but it also contains ambling jazzy notes that feel fresh and giving. It's no wonder that the album cover is an artistic swatch of yellow color. It's exactly how Black Brick makes us feel.

You can stream “Little Atlas” below and then look for The Want LP soon.