Blasé, “Lite Spots” remix

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lite spots remix

Montreal Electronic wunderkind Kaytranada has the blogosphere buzzing with his 99.9% album, a long-awaited feature length which lived up to the hype for most. The project helped acquaint new listeners with a vibrant, versatile sound that Kaytranada’s been cultivating through myriad remixes over the past five-plus years.

It’s only right that other upcoming producers try their hand at remixing his catalog. One of the first standout tracks comes from fellow Montreal producer Blasé, who treated “Lite Spots” to a mesmeric rework. Blasé had the track’s hypnotic Gal Costa sample feverishly chasing it’s tail before submerging the vocals under a weighty bass drum and a bright, bouncy synth.

The remix is a tantalizingly short 2 minutes in which Blasé grips the core of “Lite Spots” and dips it in radioactive waters. It came up with an extra limb and a slightly sinister element few could fathom while taking in the original song’s carefree video.

You can listen to the “Lite Spots” remix below.