Blissful for the new Blissed Out cassette

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Pardon the cheesy pun, but this is an announcement that Blissed Out's Second Plane c16 will be the third installment of the Impose Cassette series.

The awesome folks over at Impose Records sent us this MP3 of “Scarified”, the second track from the new cassette, which the band says is “a collection of four songs
that display the direction Blissed Out is taking with side A featuring two
new songs that are the first recordings of Blissed Out as a trio — now
with Phoebe Pritchett contributing additional vocals and synth work.”

Pardon the cheesy third-person talk, we didn't actually send the MP3 to ourselves, but we thought, why not throw it in there since most people don't read this far down anyway? If you're still reading, then you might like to know that this cassette was recorded in July and August at the Market Hotel and it also includes a Blissed Out re-working of our good friend Pink Priest's song “Sleep Ranger +Lindsay Lohan Fuck U
Edit+” as well as a Raw Moans edit.

They're also touring across the US right now.

So if you didn't catch all that, listen here, buy here and read tour dates below.

Blissed Out Second Plane tour dates:
9.14 – Reference Art Gallery, Richmond, Virginia
9.15 – 185 Pearson Street, Asheville, North Carolina
9.16 – Co-Labrotary, Savannah, Georgia
9.18 – Secret Squirrel, Athens, Georgia
9.19 – Circle Bar, New Orleans, Louisianna
9.20 – Majestic Dwelling of Doom, Denton Texas
9.21 – Baby Blue Studios, Austin, Texas (w. How I Quit Crack and Lay Bac)
9.22 – The Tree House, Albuquerque, New Mexico
9.23 – Tin Can Ale House, San Diego, California (w. Jeans Wilder)
9.25 – The Smell, Los Angeles, California (w. Frankie and the Outs, Hunx and His Punx)
9.30 – Cal Arts, Valencia, California
10.3 – Milk Bar, San Francisco,(w. oOoOO (DJ Set) and Water Borders)
10. 8 – Rhinoceropolis, Denver, Colorado
10.10 – Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, Iowa
10.12 – Jurassic Park, West Lafayette, Indiana
10.13 – Believeland, Cleveland, Ohio
10.14 – Smog Garage, Annendale-on-Hudson, New York
10.15 – Butcher Shoppe, Boston, Massachusetts