Blonde Redhead, “Here Sometimes”

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We know, we know, this was yesterday's hype machine song.

As deep as instincts may run to ditch these latest Björk-by-way-of-Enya histrionics like a high school drama club, two things.

01 Blonde Redhead conjure a remarkably consistent sound, regardless of instrumentation. While their best work probably remains the brash guitar rock they made in the mid-90s, they've always managed to raise the same sultry, melancholy progressions and melodies, restating them in subtle minor-keyed adjustment.

02 If this is just the natural tug toward electronics and smooth production that these aging musicians feel in their guts, their guts do a good job with timing it to come off like their own statement on our latest inevitable trending instincts, since you can already hear the eager fingers typing the dots between this new track “Here Sometimes” and the whole Ariel Pink discography, and maybe the most chillwave project in the world.