Bo Ningen, “DaDaDa”

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Collaborating with the likes of Damo Suzuki can say a lot about a band's sound. However, the sound of the London-via-Japan Bo Ningen whose work was delightfully “out” enough to catch the eye of the art-rock innovator, can't be assumed. Since then Bo Ningen has refined their sound a bit, maintaining their art-punk mantra but opening the door to wider audience with meticulously crafted tunes. Their new single “DaDaDa” features calculated rhythms and grooves that underlay the caterwauls of lead singer Taigen Kawabe and thick layers of fuzzed out guitars.

“DaDaDa" will be released as a 7” single by No Recordings with only 250 copies being made. When preordering is available it can be done so here. “DaDaDa” is from their upcoming full length due out in May via Stolen Recordings.