Booma Collective, “The Furnace Mix”

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There is a certain bleak aesthetic that permeates the output of Montréal’s Booma Collective. Perhaps it’s the artwork attached, always isolated, suggesting humanity is erased or in the least off in the distance. And yet, the Booma Collective itself is comprised of artists under one roof, aligning in their art, and often huddling for warmth around the same furnace.

Among the members are Oren Ratowsky, Arabie ’79, Solpara, and Artur Piasecki, but those are merely the ones with output on the collective’s Bandcamp. Much like the house music of the Pacific Northwest, Booma Collective operate under austere conditions, desolate house that feels curated for a post-rapture planet where civilizations are hollow shells of former lifetimes.

Booma Collective offered the following insight into their mix:

This mixtape is a compilation of (mostly unreleased) Booma material from Booma members, close friends, as well as guest artists. Some tracks will be released soon and others might only see the light of the day in this mix. It was beautifully compiled and mixed by Valentin in his new home in Berlin. Our collective is now all scattered in different cities all around the world, and this mix is a way to remind ourselves how close we are through music.

Preorder Booma Collective’s The Furnaces Series Part One here.

“The Furnace Mix” tracklisting:
Jean-Claude Deblais, “Les Orgues de l’Épouvante”
Blue Shift, “In Absentia”
Solpara, “Garden in the Furnace”
Pt, “untitled”
Unknown, “ghost2”
Oren Ratowsky, “They Can See ‘Em”
Remote_, “Echo of You”
Sector Y, “R.W.C. (Côte d’Or ’91)”
Solpara, “Vestibule”
Arabie 82, “Caravan”
Sector Y, “C.E.D. (Roma ’57)”
Belgium Lights, “abd ct (fasting)”
Oren Ratowsky, “Gorby”