Bryant Dope, New New York tape

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Bryant Dope

If you've attended a New York rap show in the past 8 months, the chances are high Bryant Dope graced the stage sharing bits of his New New York tape. Tracks like “QB” and “Champion Sound” circulated last year, propelling Dope into the discussion of New York's vanguard. Eventually he announced a signing to burgeoning indie imprint Young One, home of Fat Tony, Main Attrakionz, and Cities Aviv.

Unlike his labelmates, Dope is deeply hinged into the historical side of his region's music. With the behind the boards work of Hannibal King, Bryant Dope professes a lineage to the champion sound often associated with the dusty Beat Minerz production. It's not a Queens sound per se, more particular to neighborhoods like Buswhick and Brownesville, but at some point it must be understood that it all falls under the large umbrella of New York hip hop. King gets added props though for turning the outro/intro to “Woo Ha! Got You All In Check” from Busta Rhyme's The Coming (the original can be found at the end of “Abandon Ship”) into the beat for “Generation Y”. It always frustrated me that it was hidden within the album as an uncredited interlude.

Download Bryant Dope's New New York here.