Caddywhompus, “Stuck”

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New Orleans experimental noise-pop duo Caddywhompus have shown their affinity for fragmentation and complex sound structures on their debut record, Remainder. Their next full-length, Feathering A Nest, might prove to elevate them to a new level of strangeness and sophistication, if the first single is any indicator.

You couldn’t find a less fitting title than “Stuck” for this one, given how strikingly dynamic it is. Press play and the track is immediately in motion, with a steady beat and looping guitar riff laying the groundwork for the startling bursts of instrumentation. Chris Rehm’s voiceso reverberant at times that it sounds like he could have recorded in a church hallmakes flooring melodic leaps. Meanwhile, Sean Hart’s drum work is intricate and precise. The track maintains its coherence throughout shifts between several disparate sections that weave in and out of each other. Starting at about a minute in, the song enters a fuzzy post-rock tunnel, then it emerges into a clearing of clean guitar riffs banded by soft vocal harmonies. From there, it flowers into an array of jazzy chords and ends as suddenly as it began. The effect is pleasantly dizzying.

Feathering A Nest is due out November 11 on Community Records (home to the likes of Designer and Woozy). Hear “Stuck” below.