Caerus, Hyperleisure Relaxophone

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Impose has the exclusive premiere of Hyperleisure Relaxophone, the latest album from Caerus due out on Emancipator’s Loci Records this Friday. An exquisitely composed masterwork of icy hues, gleaming silver, and brushed chrome, Hyperleisure Relaxophone is the familiar paired with the alien, a digital dreamscape of atmospheres orbiting the listener in slow-motion. The title is no understatement as Hyperleisure Relaxophone is chill, intoxicating bliss that is refreshingly undeniable.

Hyperleisure Relaxophone opens with lush sonic waves that wash over the listener from across a frozen ocean while somewhere on the shore a digital heartbeat thrums. Breezy synths entwine with breathy vocals just out of earshot as systems come online with dazzling, glitchy accuracy. “Frozen Moment” slowly melds realities and seasons upon one another, sounds of nature slowly cooling under electronic tones. On “Let There Be Peace In The House”, pulsating otherworldly sounds bubble around the listener with a weight and lightness that is heard as easily as it is felt.

Throughout Hyperleisure Relaxophone, Caerus creates a cinematic experience. The stuttering, lo-fi tones and delicate echoes of percussion on“Door #2” evoke the world as seen through the ones and zeroes of a classic console to the celestial, tubular tones of “Apparation” that can’t help but conjure the ethereal.

The album rewards multiple listens as it works as both a soundtrack to score the everyday and as an immersive audio experience. For example, the glitchy vocals of “I Wanna Be Free” can easily be heard as emotive bursts or the plaintive cries of an organic soul trapped in the machine. With Hyperleisure Relaxophone, Caerus has dreamt up a reality where electric sheep effortlessly leap across a neon grayscale sunset while the galaxy slowly glows white hot in the darkness.

You can pick up Hyperleisure Relaxophone from Caerus on Loci Records this Friday. Until then, you can listen to it exclusively here on Impose and you can also follow Caerus on SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.