Cameron AG, Homeward Bound

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Homeward Bound is the new EP from Cameron A G due out this Friday on Grand Jury Music and we’ve got your first full spin of it exclusively here on Impose. From Oxford, UK, Cameron A G is a multi-instrumentalist who received the title of “Hottest Record in the World” from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac in 2015 for “Lost Direction” off of his last EP, Way Back Home. With Homeward Bound, Cameron A G looks to earn even more of such accolades with four songs that build and expand upon the promise, themes, and style of his previous effort.

“In Repeat” opens Homeward Bound with cavernous low end tones and the brittle, distorted voice of Cameron A G. This trademark effect serves to rough up the edges of the vocals, while also making them more brittle and delicate, drawing attention to the lyrics. A swell of sky high instrumentation flows in and out of the song on its grand chorus that blends beautifully with the song’s more intimate moments.

“WALK YOUR LINE” follows with a droning electric guitar and staticky electronic percussion. The track strikes a balance between organic and digital tones, even on its enormous, driving chorus that spans the sonic horizon. The EP’s title track is up next with warm, jazzy keys and echoing, swirling tones that reverberate around the listener. “HEROES” closes Homeward Bound and it opens softly, only the vocal melody and keyboard being heard until a tottering bass begins to build towards the track’s euphoric chorus. When said chorus finally kicks in, the track is flooded with sunshine and a joyous feeling that lingers for a bit even after the album draws to a close.

“This Ep is all about dealing with weird stupid anxieties that go on in all of our heads,” explains Cameron. “Well, most of our heads. Definitely mine. It’s about trying to over come them and not give a shit about stupid pointless problems that take over our minds. ”

Homeward Bound will be released November 4 on Grand Jury Music, but it is available now for pre-order. You can follow Cameron A G on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and on his website at