Channeling Satan

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There are certain things we just don't talk about. That is how it's always been. On the internet, are we suddenly talking these things to death? When you talk about it, you're putting it in the butterfly case and it is displayed for conversation and it is no longer a happening thing that is changing and changing, it is now a dead thing. So every other week or so in this column I am going to try to talk a little bit, but not a lot a bit. We want to Make Total Destroy around these parts, not Make Total Boring. Anyway, two weeks of DC stuff has happened, let's talk about some of it:

Akris is Sam on drums and Helena singing/playing bass right now. Just being a bad ass two piece. And Akris rules so hard. A giant fist squishing and clenching the audience lucky enough to experience such heavy hell. While the band was still setting up last Friday night outside CD Cellar in Clarendon, some show-goers were complaining about the humidity on the street. “Whatever, get over it,” somebody said, “Akris will be channeling Satan in a few minutes so it's gonna get pretty sweaty inside.” Sam plays drums like he just escaped from somewhere terrible, Helena mutilates everything that falls in sonic range between her bass and voice. Listen to 'Redeemer' on Akris' Bandcamp page. Get a hold of their 7-inch through Heavy Hound Records.

Speaking of 7-inch records, Mary Christ's debut 7-inch is out NOW!! On Washington, DC's very own Hesitation Wound Records. This band totally rips and rips and rips. Like getting a slingshot in your eye and liking it. Plus, might they be the flyest looking band in DC right now? They left for a sweet West Coast tour a few days ago. Check them out at New Direction Fest in Olympia, WA if you're livin' in that part of the world. Here's a little stick of dynamite from their debut, 'Too Many Questions'.

Flex Matthews performed at Fort Reno, you can check that out below. Music starts around 2:20. At 7:30 the audience is invited to bring objects to the stage that will be incorporated into a freestyle rhyme. lulz @ the gold glitter helmet.

Flex Matthews was followed by perennially rocking crowd pleasers The Max Levine Ensemble. A favorite night at Fort Reno for the 2012 season.