Cheena, “Did I Tell You Last Night?”

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Cheena apparently formed out of the mutual needs of five already established, talented musicians, to get their perspective fix of retro punk influences from the seventies and eighties, on a creative level. The band of friends, featuring members of Pharmakon, Crazy Spirit and Anasazi, is set to release a 7-inch on Sacred Bones. Their first single, “Did I Tell You Last Night?” just dropped, and it’s a steadfast banger in unchanging fortitude. Keegan Dakkar’s California scuzzed out bass bounces down the stairs in a descending dance of fiery determination, while Margaret Chardiet’s electrified guitar and Logan Montana’s crazy southern slide guitar swirl together in an eddying sonic washing machine over Eugene Terry’s unchanging drum rhythm. Frontman Walker Behl’s voice pushes strongly against the melodic stillness with echoed jabs of cool howls. Cheena’s debut 7-inch comes out April 14 on Sacred Bones.