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Some may know Trevor de Brauw as a member of Pelican. Others may get emails from him from time to time. We fit in both camps and were happy to hear glimpses of his latest project, Chord, which is being leaked out in live-bootleg pieces in anticipation of an official release on Important Records in November.

You can enjoy “Ebmaj (Descent)“, a track from the LP, but we're a sucker for these live recordings, which let the ambient nature of this thought rock sink in with room chatter that seems to bely the careful procedural tactics that go part and parcel with such stark soundscapes. See they called themselves Chord sort of the way the Ramones could've called themselves “Three Of Them”, since the above track is the rule: Each of Chord's excursions are named after a specific chord combination.

Enter this live recording of Chord's “Gsus4”, which deals in permutations of G, C, and D. Take this loosely. This isn't Terry Riley derivation; it's a noisy, palpitating industrial storm that limits itself to three or four note incarnations and remains sonically tenable/sinuously textural.

Chord, “Gsus4” (Live at Enemy, 11/13/09)

As previously noted by our favorite tolling decibels, you can actually download a drone tone for your phone. Over at their website here.