Chromeo destroys irony, one album at a time

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Though irony may be so 2004, we're still in an era where one has to qualify a funk/techno act as “genuine” to shield it from skeptical spasms of doubt; are these two weirdos for real when they sing “I feel she takes me on a merry-go-round / When she's nice to me in front of her friends”? …Really? Dave
1 and P-Thugg are played as comical dopplegangers, a lanky intellectual Jew working on his Columbia Ph.D and another one of those Arab hip hop dudes (can you keep track of all of em thesedays?).

Wait for Fancy Footwork, slated for a July 24th release date on Vice Records. Based on the press releasel, it's more of the synth-heavy silky smooth same for the duo. Yup. Check their myspace.

They did this track, “I am Somebody”, last year with DJ Mehdi: