Stream Citymouth’s Astrocentric cassette

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From the onset of “Singlecycles”, the first track on Citymouth’s Astrocentric cassette, an aesthetic layer of radio bandwidth disrupts our entry into the analog warmth, the sweet spot of glitchy synthesis where it becomes a blurred stasis between the creations of Citymouth and his collaborator Peoples Palms. This is the mercurial rabbit hole of Astrocentric;  collaborations are tracked in the liner notes, but that is the extent of interpretation. The Astrocentric cassette is a unlike any world envisioned from the Pacific Northwest thus far, and yet exists in gratitude to the regional inventors.

Citymouth is Kris Geffen, a former Austinite who found refuge in the Pacific Northwest performing in Seattle’s Pill Wonder and producing for Olympia-based rapper Nag Champa. With those experiences as precursors to Citymouth, Geffen released his debut EP in 2011, entitled Holodecker, on Dropping Gems. Since the EP, Geffen has been gathering field recordings, collaborating, and metabolizing a body of work that has modulated in his brain and transmitted through the tape deck.

Mastered by Matthewdavid, Astrocentric features collaborations with Bone Rock, Gumar, Brownbear, Devonwho, Teeko, DJAO, Rap Class, and Mdsgn, among others.  The following stream includes cassette only tracks “At The Gemplex Live” (feat. yuk. & DJAO), “Broken Jam Live” (feat. Bone Rock), and “Michael’s Bounce” (feat. Ages).

Citymouth’s Astrocentric is out March 3 on Dropping Gems.