Clark, “The Grit In The Pearl”

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Off-kilter dance that froths and bubbles forth, “The Grit In The Pearl” is the newest nebulous single from Clark‘s eponymous Warp release.

Sinister in its twisted programming that treads the fine line between the spontaneous and the standardized, it’s a strange, super skittish track that compels you to move in motions previously unanticipated. Jumpy in its blinking synthlines and warbled bass beats, the net effect is one of fidgety discontent. A curious mélange of dramatic chords and frantic, upskirty flute samples, it all comes together to form a slight feeling of crazed anticipation tinged with neurosis. Equal parts nighttime and nightmare, think of it as an incongruous take on post-techno club for the comic book villain of your choice.

Clark’s self-titled LP is out November 3 on Warp.